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Thorough preparation and zealous advocacy.
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The firm’s litigation experience runs "deep and wide." Yarbrough Wilcox has a history of representing clients in a wide assortment of cases. Our attorneys recognize that effective advocacy requires an in-depth, working knowledge of the subject matter, regardless of whether the case involves a complex commercial dispute or the sophisticated reconstruction and computer simulation of a highway construction accident.

Whether it’s played out in the courtroom or conference room, focus and experience are indispensable qualities during any case. Yarbrough Wilcox brings both to the table regardless of the subject matter. Some of the areas in which our attorneys have successfully represented clients include the following:

Commercial Litigation – Our attorneys have significant experience representing individuals and businesses in a wide spectrum of commercial and business disputes, ranging from breach of contract to fraud and misrepresentation to oil and gas disputes. Because we have seen cases unfold from the viewpoint of both the plaintiff and defendant, we are able to offer objective, practical advice when called upon to do so. Whether protecting the interests of a national corporation or a small business, our attorneys bring a dynamic set of skills to all types of commercial cases with one goal in mind: successfully upholding and protecting our client’s rights in a court of law.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death – Injury at the hands of another, whether it is due to negligence, a defective product, or intentional conduct, gives rise to a rightful claim for damages. Our attorneys have years of experience representing individuals and families in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. We have tried such cases to verdict and negotiated substantial settlements in a wide range of contexts, whether injury arises from a motor vehicle collision, defective product, or other event.  As with any case, thorough investigation and preparation are important elements of a successful outcome.  Where necessary, we utilize professional experts and modern technology to obtain a just result for our clients.

Employment Litigation – Employment litigation encompasses a diverse spectrum of cases. Our attorneys have a highly successful history of representing employers—whether it is a manufacturing company, nursing home chain, or educational institution—in a variety of high-stakes cases. Regardless of what form it takes, when you are subjected to employment-related claims, we will be prepared to bring you the kind of counsel and representation you need to protect your organization.

Patent Litigation – Yarbrough Wilcox is often called upon to serve as local counsel for national firms and companies involved in patent suits filed in the Eastern District of Texas. With strong ties to East Texas and extensive trial experience, our attorneys can ably assist national firms in navigating the local practices and procedures unique to the federal courts of this district.

Trademark Infringement – Our firm has successfully represented clients who find themselves in the midst of a trademark dispute. One such case was a multi-million dollar trademark infringement claim asserted against a Tyler company. Mr. Yarbrough successfully defended the company in federal court, securing a unanimous jury verdict in favor of the client on all claims. The Court subsequently found the case “exceptional” under the Lanham Act and awarded substantial attorney's fees and expenses to the firm's client.

Consumer and Deceptive Trade Practices – As with other areas of the law, our attorneys have successfully represented clients on both sides of a consumer dispute. Whether the dispute involves a claim for misrepresentation, breach of warranty or deceptive trade practice, or a combination of claims, we can help you carefully assess the situation and formulate an effective strategy for a successful resolution.

Construction Litigation – Yarbrough Wilcox has successfully represented clients in construction related disputes and litigation. Whether it is a residential property or a commercial building, we have represented builders, subcontractors and individuals in pursuing their legal rights or defending a claim made against them.

Insurance Defense – Insurance companies will find an aggressive partner with Yarbrough Wilcox. Our attorneys have gained experience in a variety of insurance-related cases at all levels of the court system. Regardless of the characteristics of the case, Yarbrough Wilcox will be thorough, examining every corner of the claim to ensure we provide the most sound in advice and case management. We are working for dispute resolution that is efficient, quick, and most advantageous for our client.


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